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How to Make a Newmarket Window Designers Portfolio


Every day more and more specialists go into freelancing. There are many reasons for this: both a free schedule, and more earnings, and the opportunity to be your own boss, no offices. We are sure that those of you who have experienced the delights of freelancing will think several times before returning to normal life. Today we will not talk about all the advantages of this kind of work. We'll talk about how to increase your income, find good customers and get more money.

So, what do you think is the most important thing for a customer when choosing a freelance Newmarket window designer? First of all, his skills and experience of performing a given task. And how can you find out that? Of course, through the portfolio. The first acquaintance of the customer with the freelancer is precisely through familiarization with the work performed. Then there is the most important rule: "Good clothes open all doors". Your "good clothes" are your tasks performed. Now the main thing is to impress a customer, become interested, receive an order on Newmarket window design and cooperate on an ongoing basis.

We are sure that everyone who is reading this article is interested in making up a competent and beautiful portfolio. What else? A good and self-respecting specialist, who wants to get the order on thousands of dollars, simply must have the perfect portfolio that he represents to the customer.

For those, who are just beginning their journey in freelancing, and have heard of such a concept as a "portfolio", but do not fully understand its meaning, we will give a small definition. As a rule, if you hear from the customer the desire to get acquainted with your portfolio, it means that he wants to see a list of your most successful works on a given topic such as Newmarket window design.

For example, if we consider the portfolio of a Newmarket window designer, then it should include the best projects that the designer has drawn over the past few months. Also images of banners, various technical elements, inserts, caps, etc should be mentioned. If we talk about copywriters, then their portfolio consists of texts of different subjects and directions. The copywriter should show how he writes the ordinary text, motivating, selling, how he works with different topics: from finance to nuclear physics. In general, the portfolio should show how good you are, and why the customer should choose you, and not another applicant for this project.

Portfolio should not just exist, it should work and sell you, your services, knowledge, skills. In order to make a "working" portfolio you should:

  • Identify the main areas in which you really work. It can be internal optimization of sites, drawing of design, writing of marketing and motivating texts, etc.
  • After you have identified your strengths and determined the direction, you need to pick up 10-15 best works on Newmarket window or replacement windows design. If you have less, it is not so scary, the main thing is that they are of high quality. They should disclose all aspects of your activity, show your skills from different sides. It is these works that will form the first impression of you as a specialist.
  • The portfolio needs to be beautifully designed. We advise you to do something like a book, with beautiful reversals, pictures, small explanations. All the works should be combined into one file of the .pdf format.
  • Place the portfolio on your personal site. Everyone should have the opportunity to download it or watch online.

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